Dec 04, 2012

SSL over TCP, and a few other minor updates


You can now do SSL over TCP in cl-async. This is a fairly new feature, so be on the lookout for any issues, but so far tests are favorable.

This was built to support the drakma-async HTTP client I’m building, which now has https:// support.

One thing to be aware of: SSL is in its own package, cl-async-ssl which requires the cl-libevent2-ssl package included in the latest versions of the cl-libevent2 bindings. Also needed is the libevent2 SSL implementation, installed in its own library, libevent_openssl.(so|dll|dylib).

Library loading change

In cl-libevent2, libevent’s libevent_core and libevent_extra are now loaded instead of libevent. This means your libevent2 distribution needs to include the _core and _extra libraries for cl-libevent2/cl-async to work. Using the plain libevent library is deprecated, and also caused problems with loading the libevent_openssl lib required by the SSL implementation.

If you get library errors while loading cl-libevent2, please make sure these libs are correctly installed.