Dec 05, 2012

Deprecating tcp-send

tcp-send has been renamed to tcp-connect. The reasoning behind this was because I felt that tcp-send was too transparent a name for a lower-level library. Although libevent makes this easy (and also somewhat transparent) via its bufferevents, I felt once I started building drivers that having an established connection is much more “satisfying” than sending data to a location, not caring if the connection is open or not.

So while the functionality has not changed at all, I believe the new API makes more sense conceptually.

Also, data is no longer a required parameter in tcp-connect, but has been moved to a keyword position, :data. This way, the default is to connect and do nothing, which I believe is more standard and benefitial than to connect and send data transparently (although like I said, this is still available via :data).

tcp-send is still exported by cl-async, but just forwards to tcp-connect. Please use tcp-connect from now on, as tcp-send may be removed later on.