Asynchronous operations for Common Lisp

Cl-async is a library for general purpose, non-blocking programming in Common Lisp.

The main goal is to provide an experience that makes general asynchronous programming in lisp natural, and to also provide a number of drivers on top of cl-async.

This library’s current status is BETA. Please see the Issues list for the complete list of what needs to be done.

Windows binaries

People have had trouble getting the libevent library compiled on Windows, so I’ve decided to make some window binaries:

Unzip anywhere in your %PATH% and you should be able to jump right in without problems. Note that the 32bit library is recommended (and contains the libevent-openssl DLL missing in 64bit) but in some cases 64bit is needed (like when running CCL64 which cannot load 32bit DLLs).

Library updates

Green threads and async programming - Mar 26, 2013
SSL client and server updates - Dec 31, 2012
Deprecating HTTP - Dec 29, 2012
Renaming base conditions (breaking change) - Dec 09, 2012
Deprecating tcp-send - Dec 05, 2012
SSL over TCP, and a few other minor updates - Dec 04, 2012
Error handling with futures - Nov 23, 2012
Adding syntax around futures - Nov 15, 2012
Merging in futures and TCP stream branches - Nov 14, 2012
Missing coroutines in Common Lisp - Nov 07, 2012
First working version of drakma-async client finished - Nov 01, 2012
HTTP client update - Oct 31, 2012
Working on HTTP client - Oct 30, 2012
Playing with futures (and async interfaces in general) - Oct 25, 2012